maanantai 28. maaliskuuta 2011

Santaclaus stories part 1

Santa's adventure. Part 1

Was an early morning Korvatunturi in 2011. Santa Claus lived in a high mountain.. Santa has had to apply every morning the task of firewood from the forest. This morning that Santa Claus has decided to go and get firewood and put his own skis by foot. He had already skied 30 kilometers when he arrived at its destination. In front was a huge stack of large trees, which he began stacking. Santa Claus came with a tray which he pulled behind him. Santa Pinewood had wondered how he has enough power sled pulling. It is, however, a good explanation, Santa rehearsing every day for many hours in the gym and gets the necessary forces here. He had now received the trees stacked his tray and began to ski back home. Santa Claus was seen already on the way for a mysterious movement among the trees. That the only question would be the same werewolf who was threatened last winter to eat granny Santa Claus when they were skiing together. Santa's return journey continues in Part 2.

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  1. thats a nice story you got going there :D, keep it up!