torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Santaclaus stories part 3

Happened in the past Part 2 The Russians had captured Santa Claus. Santa Pinewoodhas not yet been informed. Part 3: Santa Claus sat in the tray tightly tied to the rope. The Russians were taking him towards an unknown destination. Santa Claus arrived at the Russian headquarters in Santa Claus and Santa Claus who revealed he was captured.Russian Santa Claus became the boss in the world and the only real Santa Claus, the Finnish Santa Claus. Santa Claus took the hood off the eyes and he saw facing the cave. Santa Claus had been transported to the cave where the Russian Santa Clauskept his headquarters. Santa asked, why did you kidnap me? The Russian Santa Clausreplied: We only want one thing from you, and it is a Christmas secret book. Santareplied: It is the world's most expensive and the treasure is that you think you have it?The Russian Santa Claus replied: Yes. Continued in Part 4

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