torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Santaclaus stories part 5

Previously part 4 The Russian Santa Claus had taken the Finnish Santa Claus in front ofthe cave where he saw his Christmas elves kidnapped. Part 5: You want give gifts to the world faster? Why? The Russian Santa Claus replied: Because I have not got anymoreto distribute gifts to several hundred years, but I've always had to get them off thenaughty children. Finnish Santa Claus replied: Is that really the reason? Santa replied:Well after all, here is yet another reason. New Zealand's summer wishes that Santa Claus distributed gifts sinnekkin more. And he promised me if the gifts he gives me afaster three kangaroo workers! Finnish Santa Claus asked: But why do you kaappasitteme violently? We saw no other way. So now you tell where you've hidden the secret of Christmas book? Santa replied: Okay, I'll tell you. But you have a long way to go there. Itis hidden in the Czech Republic to the top of the iceberg. You will not find it without me.And I hid it there, two hundred years ago, so I do not know if it's still there. It is rumoredthat it would have been robbed, but it is best to go see? I must first inform the PinewoodI'm fine, and then we can go to search book. .Russian Santa replied: Good idea! Travel to the Czech Republic East express train! Continued in Part 6..

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