tiistai 5. huhtikuuta 2011

Santaclaus part 7

Previously part 6. Santa Claus arrived in a group at the foot of the mountain and begin toclimb the dangerous mountain toward the book's location. Part 7 Santa Santa said to anotherthat it is dangerous to go to climb towards the location of the book. Santa replied, It does not matter now, let us journey now. And the journey towards the mountain peakbegan. Santa does not have much equipment with them so they had to hurry. They hadclimbed to about a mile and came to the first problem. Was a mirror in front of the iceand they had no picks him. They decided to take a risk and go beyond, withoutequipment, and when they were just getting over it slipped by the Russian Santa Claus,but fortunately the Finnish Santa Claus took him Closed and so the journey continued ..Read how it goes, Santa Claus survive a mountaintop? Continued in Part 8

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